Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Art of the Dirt Bike

Supercross racing is a form of motocross racing. Motocross races are held  outdoors on long twisting tracks. Riders must guide their bikes through natural landscape, such as hills and forests. Most Motocross tracks are out in the country, far from cities.

Supercross races take place in a stadium. Track builders truck in tons of dirt into these stadiums. Using bulldozers and other equipment, builders for jumps, whoop sections, and other fetures. Supercross tracks are are much narrower than Motorcross tracks. They also have higher jumps and more turns.

But the two forms of have racing much have much in common. Both take place on dirt. Both forms use the same or similar kinds of motorcycles. And best of all they are sports of choice for some of the toughest and most talented athletes in the world.

There is also freestyle motocross, which is basically a new version of super cross, except it does not involve racing and instead just focuses on doing stunts while jumping a dirt bike. The riders are scored by judges on the style,  difficulty of the trick, the best use of the course, and also the reaction of the crowd.

Freestyle is a very entertaining sport that requires no fear, and allot of skill in order to pull off such maneuvers and stunts. Once again as said before this is a sport of choice for some of the toughest, most talented, and craziest athletes in the world !


  1. A very interesting read. I always thought those guys were kinda dumb for doing those massive jumps and risking life and limb for it. Then I went you little Newman and realized compared to you they're completely sane

  2. Ya I agree. Dustyn is insane. TO DA DOME! But in all seriousness I love watching the freestyle competitions. I think it's insane how they manage to pull off such tricks. I've only been to one freestyle competition in my life and it was in British Columbia and I loved it, it was awesome.

  3. haha I love the guy who got stuck near the end of the video... oh and great blog by the way! It kinda makes me want to go out and by a dirt bike now :) There were some wicked jumps in there. I didn't know you could do so much stuff on a bike! Kinda freaked me out when the guys started to let go of their bike completely though. INSANE!